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In Southwest Washington, THE FOUNDATION WA offers support for youth in our community to build a strong, safe, and supported foundation. Through our comprehensive youth development programs, we aim to address the underlying issues that may lead youths towards negative behaviors, offering them alternatives and support structures that encourage positive development. Our diversion programs play a critical role in this mission, providing young individuals with opportunities to redirect their paths away from the juvenile court system, fostering a sense of responsibility, and facilitating access to resources that contribute to their personal growth and development. We have created a Teen Center to offer a safe space for our young adults to stay positively engaged. 



Our commitment extends beyond preventive measures, as we also focus on individuals reentering the community after incarceration and their impacted families. Our reentry support services are designed to ease this transition, offering guidance, support, and resources that address the challenges faced during reintegration. By providing these services, we aim to restore community ties, reduce recidivism, and create an environment where individuals make positive contributions to society.

Our mission is a DUAL approach: to prepare youth for a brighter future and to restore community through dedicated reentry support, ultimately fostering a more inclusive, supportive, and resilient community in Southwest Washington.

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