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Reentry Support


A Reentry Navigator is crucial in aiding individuals transitioning from incarceration back to community life. Before release, they collaborate with individuals to create a reentry plan that covers essentials like housing, job training, and mental health support. Post-release, the Navigator provides ongoing support to ensure the plan's successful execution, helping to overcome reintegration challenges and reduce recidivism. Their work is key to fostering stability and positive community reintegration.


The creation of the SW Washington Reentry Collective represents a groundbreaking collaborative effort among nonprofits focused on supporting the diverse needs of individuals reentering the community after incarceration. This collective aims to streamline access to critical services such as housing, employment training, mental health support, and legal assistance by fostering a network of organizations working in concert. By pooling resources, sharing expertise, and coordinating efforts, the collective enhances the efficiency and impact of reentry support services, ensuring that individuals receive holistic, tailored assistance. This collaborative model not only maximizes the reach and effectiveness of reentry programs but also strengthens the fabric of support across the SW Washington region, marking a significant step forward in the community's approach to successful reintegration.



Finding housing resources is a critical step for individuals reentering the community after incarceration, and key partnerships play a vital role in facilitating this process. One significant collaboration is with the Vancouver Housing Authority, which helps bridge the gap between incarceration and community reintegration through access to stable housing solutions. In 2024, the opening of a Transitional Housing Complex marks a significant milestone in this effort. This facility is designed to offer not just a place to live but a supportive environment where individuals can rebuild their lives, access various services, and gradually transition to independent living. 



Providing support to families impacted by incarceration is crucial as they prepare for the reintegration of a loved one. This process involves offering emotional support, counseling, and resources to help families navigate the complex emotions and logistical challenges associated with reentry. Programs tailored to these families focus on strengthening relationships, improving communication, and addressing any financial or housing concerns that may arise. By equipping families with the tools and knowledge they need to create a supportive home environment, these initiatives play a vital role in ensuring a smoother transition for returning individuals. Ultimately, family support services aim to foster healing, resilience, and unity, laying a solid foundation for a successful reintegration into family life and the community at large.


We know the importance of mental health and access to healthcare systems during reentry. Our partnerships with Molina Healthcare and Southwest Washington Accountable Community of Health (SWACH) play significant role in addressing this need. Together, they facilitate connections to mental health services and healthcare, offering comprehensive support designed to meet the unique challenges faced by those transitioning back into society. 



Access to employment resources is a critical element for successful community reintegration for individuals released from incarceration. The partnership with Partners in Careers (PIC) in Vancouver, WA, stands out as a key initiative in this regard. PIC specializes in providing vocational training, resume building, interview preparation, and direct job placement services tailored to meet the unique needs of formerly incarcerated individuals. This collaboration ensures that those reentering the community have the support and opportunities necessary to secure meaningful employment, which is essential for rebuilding their lives and reducing the risk of recidivism.




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