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Empowering Futures: "HBCU to the Pros" Blazers Game

THE FOUNDATION WA recently organized an educational fieldtrip for a group of students to attend the special "HBCU to the Pros" game. This event was not just about enjoying a basketball game (first game for many); it was a profound educational experience, designed to showcase the many opportunities that lie beyond high school.

During this event, students had the unique opportunity to engage directly with community leaders and professionals who shared their personal journeys from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to various professional fields. These narratives provided valuable insights into the diverse career paths available, from sports and law to technology and community service, demonstrating the broad spectrum of success achievable through dedication and education.

THE FOUNDATION WA and the Portland Trail Blazers share a deep commitment to fostering educational advancement and career readiness among youth. This event highlighted the importance of mentorship, networking, and the pursuit of higher education as tools for personal and professional development. As one mentor said, "Your Network is your Net Worth."

As we reflect on the impact of the "HBCU to the Pros" game, it's clear that this was more than a day at a basketball game; it was an investment in the future of our youth. By exposing students to real-life success stories and the value of education, The Portland Trail Blazers have laid the groundwork for inspiring the next generation of leaders and innovators. This initiative is a step forward in the ongoing effort to support and uplift students, guiding them on their journey to success beyond high school.

Special Thanks: Ebony Davis (Blazers) Latrice Lee (Alaska Airlines), Zachary Clay (Warn)

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